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I am interested to hear of any early Australian automobile club car badges for sale, especially those from Western Australia and clubs such as the Newcastle Automobile Club, Tasmanian Automobile Club, North Western Automobile Club (Tasmania), Commercial Motor Users' Association (Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland) and NRMA Honour badges.


RACA centenary badge issued in 2003 (pictured left). I am willing to exchange a rare first type of pre-royal Automobile Club of Australia full members badge for a centenary badge. This ACA badge is numbered 351, so dates from around 1910-12. See Type 2 on page http://www.carbadge.info/racabadges.htm (pictured below and on my Car Badges for Sale page).

 Centre of badge No. 351 - Automobile Club of Australia.






Newcastle Automobile Club







NRMA Honour Badge


Automobile Club of Western Australia






The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia