Please feel free to contact me for more information on any of the clubs and badges represented in this web site. I have carried out a considerable amount of research on this aspect of Australian motoring history over many years, but I do not consider myself a definitive expert. I do, however, have a comprehensive library on related subjects and will attempt to answer any queries with as accurate information as possible. There is a large amount of misinformation and conjecture out there on the history and origin of many car badges, but my research has always been based on proven resources, unless I state otherwise. Also, a caution to collectors and would be collectors. Because of the high market value of many of the rarer Australian car badges, some fakes have been reproduced and are out there in the market place. These are often hard to differentiate from the originals, so care should be taken when being offered the rarer badges by unscrupulous sellers. For some examples of fakes see the page Fakes and Reproductions.

In my pursuit of knowledge, I would also appreciate hearing from anyone who has information on the lesser known clubs, such as the Downs Motor Service Club and Commonwealth Motorists' Association, the early histories of which are very elusive.

Peter Cornell