AANT badges

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The Automobile Association of the Northern Territory, AANT, was founded in Darwin in 1963 to provide for the needs of motorists throughout the Territory. It was thus the last of the regional automobile clubs to be formed in Australia. The AANT has provided traditional motoring club services to its members since inception, and has ensured members from affiliated organisations have access to vehicle breakdown and recovery services when travelling in the Northern Territory.

The first car badges were introduced soon after the club's inception and the design has been consistent until the present time. Initially brown was used as a background colur but this was changed to red in the late 1960s. In 1973 a gold finished version was made to celebrate the first decade of the club. Several examples of the club's badges are in my collection and are illustrated below. From left to right, dark Brown, light Brown, early Red, later Red with indented foot, Gold 10th Anniversary version.






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More information on the AANT may be found at http://www.aant.com.au/