AAA badges

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The Australian Automobile Association was formed in 1924. The organisation supports and coordinates the activities of its constituent state based automobile clubs and represents the interests of all Australian motorists nationally and internationally. Membership comprises the NRMA, RACA, RACV, RAA, RACT, RACQ, RACWA and AANT. Car badges were not introduced until the 1980s. In 1988 a limited edition of 50 small plaques were produced to coincide with Australia's bicentenary.




1989 saw the introduction of the first true car badge using the AAA logo. This and subsequent badges are of pressed metal with paint. Some versions have the maker's name on the reverse side and these are considered the rarer of the two versions.



About 1998 the design was altered to incorporate the association's name.




The 75th anniversary was celebrated in 1999 with the issue of a limited edition (supposedly 200) of this badge.




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